Elite Training


2022 Summer Baseball Offseason Program 

May 2nd - August 19th


  • Progressive strength and conditioning program using the same training principles we use with our Major League Baseball Offseason Program.


  • Includes strength training, conditioning/fitness, speed, agility, rotational power to prepare athletes to return to school


  • Weekly body composition measurements to hold athletes accountable to their personal goals using our InBody 570 scale (gain muscle mass, lose body fat, etc.)


  • Amenities:
    - Showers available post-workout
    - Sauna available
    - Recovery tools including but not limited to: Hyperice, PSO-RITE, & Orange-Stick Mobility 
    to improve mobility and help prepare for or recover from the athletes training session.




Monday - Friday

12:00 PM - 2:00 PM


Contact for Pricing